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Hospitality interior spaces require a combination of various flooring types that are specifically selected to ensure aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, health and safety, and overall high performance across the whole space.

After all, guests expect their hotel and other types of accommodation to serve as their second home throughout their stay: a place of comfort, beauty, security, and relaxation.

To make sure that your guests have the best experience during their stay, everything in your hotel should be designed and prepared with those considerations in mind.

Hospitality carpets are an important yet sometimes overlooked element of a hotel. The fact of the matter is that the right modular hotel room carpet can effectively enliven and complement your property’s aesthetic features. This can lead to an enhanced ambiance, higher appraisal value of your property, and boosted mood of your guests.

But not all carpets for hotels are created equal. What your hotel needs is a carpet that not only looks good but also feels good, is easy to maintain, lasts long, and performs well over the years.


Carpets Inter’s EcoSoft® Modular Carpet Tile is a one-of-a-kind, high-performance, and environment-friendly carpet tile cushion backing that is made from 80% post-consumer discarded water bottles, along with 5% post-industrial recycled PET.

EcoSoft cushion back modular hospitality carpets are specially designed to enhance the guest experience in the hotel room, reduce the negative impact to the environment, and—most importantly—provide unsurpassed return on investment to hospitality business operators.

We are proud to share that this solution dyed nylon PET felt modular carpet tile has been recognized by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI) under their DECLARE Label award program as RED LIST FREE, the highest level for products with no harmful content.

This environment-friendly backing meets all strict performance criteria required for intensive commercial locations. On top of that, it consistently outperforms conventional hard backing and all polyurethane cushion backings when it comes to important factors such as durability, comfort, sound absorption, hygiene, dimensional stability, thermal barrier, and indoor air quality.

In addition to all of those, EcoSoft has enabled us to successfully divert more than 930 million (and counting) discarded single-use PET water bottles from polluting our planet.


If you’re looking for hotel room carpets that are easy to install and maintain; improve sound absorption; accentuate your hotel with unique designs, colors, and tile layouts; and contribute to reducing carbon impact, Carpets Inter’s EcoSoft is the right fit for you.

Here are the benefits of installing EcoSoft® Modular Carpet Tile in your hotel:

  • Superior Build and Performance

EcoSoft is specifically engineered to absorb the impact of heavy foot traffic. It has outstanding compression and recovery properties that dramatically reduce fiber crush and wear-and-tear effects.

Together, these give your carpets better appearance retention compared to all types of hard backing, so your hotel room carpet will look amazing for a longer period of time compared to hard back tiles.

  • Outstanding Sound Absorption Property

EcoSoft tiles have a higher sound absorption coefficient than hard back tiles, wood, and concrete—specifically, rated BS EN ISO 354 NRC 0.30 or higher (Superior Noise Reduction).

EcoSoft is made of millions of fine PET fibers weaved together in a meticulous needling process to create a compressed felt. This end product has amazing acoustic properties, particularly when it comes to sound absorption.

As a result, noise in your hotel will be greatly reduced, leading to lower stress and better health. This improvement in your hotel’s acoustics can also offset or eliminate the greater costs of installing acoustical materials.

  • Unparalleled Walking Comfort

EcoSoft cushion backing effectively absorbs foot impact, which greatly reduces leg muscle fatigue (compared to hard flooring).

For your hotel staff, our ultra comfortable hospitality carpets can increase their overall productivity at work.

  • Remarkable Durability and Dimensional Stability

Thanks to its compact PET fiber construction, EcoSoft’s cushioning property can last for many years, hence lowering your hotel’s maintenance expenses in the long run.

Moreover, EcoSoft’s unique manufacturing process gives this non-woven backing superior dimensional stability—all without adding environmentally harmful fiberglass, polymers, and so on in its material.

  • Better Thermal Insulation

Heating and cooling commercial buildings consumes a lot of energy, leading to higher operating costs. Using products with high thermal resistance can greatly reduce your hotel’s energy consumption.

Ecosoft exceeds hard back tiles by more than 150% in terms of thermal effectiveness. It will keep the warmth within heated buildings during winter, and the cool air-conditioned air inside buildings during summer, thanks to its lower thermal resistance compared to hard back tiles.

  • Enhanced Safety

In addition to all of those, the porous features of EcoSoft allows moisture within the slab to be released, thus eliminating the risk of potentially harmful Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) leaking into your indoor air. This also lessens the risk for adhesive failure due to alkaline hydrolysis, since the moisture vapor transmission rate of EcoSoft is 39 times better compared to hard back tiles.

  • Lower Carbon Impact

Last but not the least, besides recycling millions of PET bottles that would otherwise pollute the environment, EcoSoft further helps in lowering your hotel’s carbon impact thanks to its lightweight construction.

Transporting materials from the manufacturing site to your hotel naturally adds to the carbon footprint. However, our EcoSoft backed carpet tiles weigh 38% less than equivalent hard back carpet tiles, thus requiring much less energy to transport. This also gave it a high LEED point rating.



At Carpets Inter, we take pride in EcoSoft and our other modular carpets for hotels, which provide beauty as well as functionality to businesses while simultaneously supporting sustainability for our planet.

Be part of our mission to help save our environment through superior and sustainable hotel room carpets. Together, we can recycle over 1,000,000,000 discarded plastic bottles by 2025!


The threat to our marine life is at a critical level due to the massive amounts of plastic being dumped in our oceans every day. At Carpets Inter, to date we have recycled over 920 million PET bottles into the manufacturing our unique ‘EcoSoft’ cushion back modular carpet tile, thus reducing the effects of plastic pollution on our planet.

Carpets Inter create modular carpet that delivers beauty and efficiency for our customer, whilst ensuring our planet is environmentally sustainable.

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