Bio Sequestration

Since 2004, Carpets Inter has recycled over 0.8 Billion single use plastic PET bottles, capturing over 50% carbon content into our EcoSoft® modular backing, averting harmful pollution into landfill and our ecosystems waterways in support of Ocean Clean-up. We have achieved zero waste to landfill and are completely self-sustainable in water supply & treatment. We repurpose and donate 100% of the sediment deposited from our on-site waste water & sewerage treatment plant in cooperation with the leading Thai brand of organic agricultural fertilizer. We do this because the best solution to combat climate change is to support the natural regenerative power of our soil. In fact, in every handful of healthy soil there are more microorganisms than the number of people who have ever lived on our planet!

Carbon is the building block of life; did you know the Human body is made up of 16% Carbon?… In contrast the amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) in our atmosphere is a huge environmental problem, but it can be one of the biggest solutions when it is sequestered back into our soil. What people often fail to acknowledge is that Carbon is not inherently bad if it’s left in the ground, where it originated from. Whether it becomes a problem or solution simply depends on where it is, a matter of striking an ecological balance.

The best way to combat the impact of CO₂ on our Planet is to support the Earth’s natural process of plants drawing down harmful greenhouse gasses and CO₂ via photosynthesis, to put back (sequester) Carbon into the ground and sustain healthier soil. Healthier soil means healthier plants. Healthier Plants mean healthier live-stock. Healthier animals mean healthier humans, healthier water and a better climate for centuries to come. Carbon in our soil acts like your household carbon water-filter: it captures heavy metals and toxins that are unwanted in the water supply, eliminates the need in agriculture for toxic chemical fertilizers (Pesticides), and as a result prevents the contamination of our water table and fresh water supply.

Since the late 60’s, due to the global increase of utilizing harmful nitrogen-based pesticides for industrial farming, our planet has already lost over 35% of its healthy top soil resulting in widespread desertification. Desertification leads to political conflict, catastrophic flooding through rain-fall run-off, mass migration and poverty. By 2050 it is estimated that over 1 billion people will be ecological refugees as a result of desertification of their once fertile agricultural land mass. The United Nations estimates the earths remaining healthy top soil will be completely destroyed within 60-years, unless we act now.

Since 2014, Carpets Inter has been repurposing and donating treated sediment from our manufacturing operations, contributing to produce over 15.5 million Kilograms (310,000 x 50Kg sacks) of organic fertilizer to annually fertilize over 5,250 acres of Thailand’s agricultural Croplands. Crops grown in organically fertilized soil not only make us healthier, they eliminate the need for farmers to apply poisonous pesticides that will kill microorganisms in the soil and release CO₂ back into the atmosphere, thus continuing to pollute the very air we breathe. It is critical to support bio-sequestration and sustain the infinite mass of soil-based microorganisms providing healthy bacteria (nutrients) that naturally sequester CO₂ out of the atmosphere back into the ground. Organic farming considerably reduces CO₂ and other greenhouse gases from releasing into and remaining in the atmosphere thus causing rapid global warming and accelerating global desertification.

For every +1% more organic material per acre in our soil, the earth will naturally sequester an additional 10 Tons of Carbon draw down per year from the atmosphere. Under the Paris Climate Change Agreement, there is no such thing as a Carbon offset project. Taking responsibility means you should actively participate in an Emission Reduction or a Climate Change Mitigation project, such as carbon sequestration. At Carpets Inter we practice prevention at source rather than solely relying on purchasing Carbon [Marketing] credits to offset our carbon footprint. From repurposing and reusing waste PET bottles into new product, providing organic waste to agriculture and planting thousands of trees each year in our local community, it’s just good stewardship.

We take a leadership position in our industry as a good global citizen, dedicated to making a positive environmental, social, and economic impact around the world, wherever our carpet is put to use. We see ourselves as being more than just a floor-covering manufacturer, we are a protector of our planet’s well-being for future generations to come.

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By partnering with Kiss the Ground, you’re making a difference in the world and demonstrating that you are committed to supporting a regenerative future.

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