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The primary requirement governing the selection of flooring is that it should be ‘fit for purpose’, i.e., that the functional performance of the flooring should match the users’ requirements for a particular Facility. This definition not only covers the physical or functional performance, but also the many factors that impact users and occupants, and are a recognized part of the occupants experience, e.g. acoustic control, wellbeing, underfoot comfort, health and productivity.

Carpets for Hotels

Hospitality interior spaces require a combination of various flooring types that are specifically selected to ensure aesthetic appeal, ease of maintenance, health and safety, and overall high performance across the whole space.

After all, guests expect their hotel and other types of accommodation to serve as their second home throughout their stay: a place of comfort, beauty, security, and relaxation.

Carpets for Education

Up to two decades of a person’s life is spent in learning facilities: from play schools, to primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, trade centers, learning institutes, and so on.

Having the right learning environment will positively influence students’ learning ability.  If you own or manage an educational facility, you need to ensure that your institution offers the most conducive learning environment for your students, whatever age or educational level they may be in.

Carpets for Airports

All over the world today, there are more than 41,000 airports that welcome millions of airline passengers. It’s not surprising that airports are one of the busiest places in any city, and one of the leading sites for high foot traffic.

With the sheer number of people treading airport floors every day, it’s crucial for airports to have the best airport carpet possible.

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