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All over the world today, there are more than 41,000 airports that welcome millions of airline passengers. It’s not surprising that airports are one of the busiest places in any city, and one of the leading sites for high foot traffic.

With the sheer number of people treading airport floors every day, it’s crucial for airports to have the best airport carpet possible.


The right carpets for airports are specially designed and meticulously manufactured to withstand wear and tear all-day, every single day—while still retaining aesthetic value.

Hard surface floors allow allergens such as airborne dust and bacterial particles to move into the air. On the other hand, an airport carpet improves the quality of indoor air by catching dust and small particulates until they are vacuumed. In addition, carpeted airport floors provide a soft and comfortable feeling to the feet, decreasing leg muscle fatigue, which is common among exhausted travelers.

Installing the right airport carpet can also enhance travelers’ experience. Research shows that good carpets for airports can also boost people’s mood and influence their behavior. Many travelers are stressed, and the airport carpet—along with other smart interior design strategies (in the form of natural lighting, low ceilings, and comfortable seats)—can provide an atmosphere similar to people’s living rooms, which helps travelers relax before their flight.

The benefits don’t end there: Research has shown that when airline passengers are relaxed and happy, they will spend around seven percent more on retail purchases in your airport, and about 10 percent more on duty-free products sold there.

Chiang Mai International Airport Carpet Example


Just like every other site for carpet installation (schools, hotels, etc.), the best carpets for airports are those that are ‘fit for purpose’. This means that your air airport carpet should have the following characteristics:

  1. Withstand high foot traffic on a daily basis
  2. Easy to clean, maintain, and replace when needed
  3. Feel comfortable underfoot
  4. Come in a variety of pleasing designs
  5. Promote safety and meet occupational health and safety (OHS) standards
  6. Save energy
  7. Have infection control, odor control, and hygiene-promoting features
  8. Promote good interior environment quality (IEQ), including indoor air quality (IAQ) and acoustic control
  9. Have sustainable or low impact to the environment
  10. and more

The best carpets for airports stand out in these aspects

The best carpets for airports stand out in these aspects:

  • Performance

As previously noted, a good airport carpet should, first and foremost, be able to hold out against the wear and tear caused by millions of footsteps on an everyday basis. It needs to have superior craftsmanship in order to last for many decades before needing to be completely replaced.

It’s crucial to minimize the need for replacement to avoid disrupting the operations of any airport, which can lead to disastrous effects to millions of people. This will likewise lower the risk of causing inconvenience to passengers, which can be detrimental to your airport’s name and bottom line.

  • Acoustics

Carpets also provide acoustic benefits, such as outstanding sound absorption, particularly compared to hard or resilient flooring materials. High quality carpets for airports can effectively lower the noise levels in the busy airport environment, minimizing distractions and annoyance from both external noise (such as traffic sounds) as well as internal noise (including footsteps, wheeled luggages and trolleys, the constant barrage of announcements, and more).

The benefits of better acoustics extend to airport staff as well. Reduced noise (along with comfortable underfoot) contributes to their wellness and increased productivity in the workplace.

  • Aesthetics

Carpets for airports are considered the world’s biggest medium for interior visual design. As such, there’s an infinite number of patterns and color schemes possible, all with the power to positively influence the mood and behaviors of people traveling through your airport by making them feel right at home.



For over 50 years, Royal Thai has been creating and installing top-of-the-line carpets for high-end commercial spaces around the world. Today, Royal Thai is a leading manufacturer of Axminster carpets, known as the world’s most durable carpet. Our customizable carpets and superior service have elevated us into the leading brand for carpets in high-traffic environments, such as airports.


Suvarnabhumi International Airport Carpet Example

The process begins with a design consultation, after which, our skilled team of designers will work on creating the airport carpet design of your dreams using our high-tech studio. To help you along, we produced a design catalog featuring more than 10,000 creative designs to inspire your airport’s future design masterpiece.

In addition to excellent performance, highly-rated acoustics features, and customizable aesthetic designs, we offer revolutionary hygiene features through Vi-Guard. Available for all our carpets, Vi-Guard is a unique carpet treatment with special hygiene protection guards against bacteria, microbes, and even COVID-19. Besides its application during the manufacturing process, Vi-Guard may also be reapplied post-installation.

Finally, we have a strong sense of social responsibility that’s reflected in our use of sustainable materials. For instance, our AXMINSTER TILE WITH ECOSOFT® RECYCLED CUSHION BACKING has 80% post-consumer material that’s reengineered from discarded plastic bottles and 5% post-industrial recycled PET, making it CRI Green Label Plus Certified.


We offer Stunning and Inspired Designs + Cutting Edge Technical Innovation + Outstanding Customer Service every step of the way—from the creation, all the way to the installation of carpets for airports.

We’ve installed world-class carpets for airport spaces all over the globe: in the U.S., the U.K., Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and more. (Check out our list of Projects.)


The threat to our marine life is at a critical level due to the massive amounts of plastic being dumped in our oceans every day. At Carpets Inter, to date we have recycled over 930 million PET bottles into the manufacturing our unique ‘EcoSoft’ cushion back modular carpet tile, thus reducing the effects of plastic pollution on our planet.

Carpets Inter create modular carpet that delivers beauty and efficiency for our customer, whilst ensuring our planet is environmentally sustainable.

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