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Up to two decades of a person’s life is spent in learning facilities: from play schools, to primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities, trade centers, learning institutes, and so on.

Having the right learning environment will positively influence students’ learning ability.  If you own or manage an educational facility, you need to ensure that your institution offers the most conducive learning environment for your students, whatever age or educational level they may be in.


A positive learning environment begins from the ground up. To truly support students in their academic journey, you need to install the right carpets for school purposes.

The unique educational setting requires a classroom carpet that’s ‘fit for purpose’. What this means is that your school flooring should:


  1. Promote safety and meet occupational health and safety (OHS) standards
  2. Have infection control, odor control, and hygiene-promoting features
  3. Promote good interior environment quality (IEQ), including indoor air quality (IAQ) and acoustic control
  4. Be easy to clean and maintain
  5. Have a calming aesthetic and feel comfortable underfoot
  6. Save energy
  7. Promote fire safety
  8. Have sustainable or low impact to the environment
  9. Offer efficiency in terms of Whole of Life Costing (WLC) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  10. and so on

At the minimum, schools need to follow national and local regulations in terms of safety (including fire safety), accessibility, and OHS. In addition to those, however, the ideal classroom carpet promotes optimal student performance through motivational aesthetic appeal, physical activity through slip resistance and comfortable underfoot cushioning, respect for the environment through the use of sustainable materials, and so on.

The best kind of classroom carpet has all of the characteristics above and more… It should be one that’s pleasing to the eyes, feels comfortable to walk or run in (especially for younger  learners and in environments that require physical movement), low maintenance, and will bring value to your school and your students for many years.


In addition to its functional and aesthetic benefits, our carpets for school are designed to match learners’ needs, from superior acoustic control to outstanding  indoor air quality, impact absorption, and more.

Moreover, our modular carpets for school are practical and budget-friendly for learning institutions of all sizes. They are custom engineered to the highest standards, are easy to install, and produce minimal waste compared to traditional carpets for school.

Here are the main benefits of installing EcoSoft® cushion back modular classroom carpet (instead of resilient or hard flooring or roll carpet) in your learning facility:

  1. This cushion backed modular classroom carpet is highly effective in improving room acoustics.
  2. It can resist extreme wear and tear for a longer period of time, compared to hardwood or LVT flooring which get scratched easily when things are dragged on the floor.
  3. It has better anti-fatigue properties compared to hard flooring.
  4. EcoSoft® modular carpets look like an all over textural floor cover.
  5. Using EcoSoft for your school flooring will greatly lower accidents like slipping due to wet surfaces.
  6. This cushion backed modular carpet has outstanding thermal insulation properties, helping you lower your school’s energy consumption and expenses, while giving students a comfortable, temperature-controlled learning experience.
  7. It’s easier to transport, handle, install, clean, and even dispose of, compared to hardwood and LVT flooring.
  8. Ask professional installers and they will confirm that cushion backed modular carpets for school need less floor preparation and are quick to install. This lowers the chances of disrupting your school operations. Individual modules can be uplifted and replaced in just a matter of minutes (even your school’s own maintenance staff can do this)!
  9. The EcoSoft carpets for school have much lower wastage factors than roll carpet (as much as 75% reduction).
  10. Last but not the least, thanks to its breathable PET felt backing, EcoSoft® modular carpets for school can be put over a wet-slab or in places that are exposed to high moisture (such as gyms or restrooms), preventing the build-up of bacteria and odor.

In addition to excellent performance, highly-rated acoustics features, and customizable aesthetic designs, we offer revolutionary hygiene features through Vi-Guard. Available for all our carpets, Vi-Guard is a unique carpet treatment with special hygiene protection guards against bacteria, microbes, and even COVID-19. Besides its application during the manufacturing process, Vi-Guard may also be reapplied post-installation.

Finally, we have a strong sense of social responsibility that’s reflected in our use of sustainable materials. For instance, our AXMINSTER TILE WITH ECOSOFT® RECYCLED CUSHION BACKING has 80% post-consumer material that’s reengineered from discarded plastic bottles and 5% post-industrial recycled PET, making it CRI Green Label Plus Certified.



Carpets Inter is the trusted partner of schools when it comes to affordable, sustainable, and top grade modular classroom carpets that deliver the best return on investment through the years.

We have installed best-in-class school flooring in schools in Australia (RMIT University, Trinity Grammar School, etc.), Thailand (Kumon Co., Ltd.), Oman (Sultan Qaboos University), Singapore (National University of Singapore), and many others! (Take a look at our list of Education Projects.)


The threat to our marine life is at a critical level due to the massive amounts of plastic being dumped in our oceans every day. At Carpets Inter, to date we have recycled over 930 million PET bottles into the manufacturing our unique ‘EcoSoft’ cushion back modular carpet tile, thus reducing the effects of plastic pollution on our planet.

Carpets Inter create modular carpet that delivers beauty and efficiency for our customer, whilst ensuring our planet is environmentally sustainable.

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