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When choosing floor covering for Senior Living, Education & Wellbeing facilities, remember it is essential that the architect, interior designer and building contractor consult with the client representative and product manufacturer to ensure that the end product can be signed-off as suitable and ‘fit for purpose’ for each individual location within the facility.

ØFlowSoft® has a uniquely engineered ‘one of a kind’ recycled PET bottle cushion backing with an integral 100% thermoplastic moisture-proof barrier system. Built in Sanitized® antimicrobial technology prevents bacteria and most viral contaminants. Accidental spillages remain on the surface where they can be readily treated & easily removed.


Benefits to Occupied Wellbeing

  • Available in a broad selection of colors & patterns, created for Senior Living, Education & Wellbeing

  • Engineered for handicapped (Walking Frame & Wheelchair) apparatus

    Anti-Slip & Anti-Trip

    – Reduces leg fatigue

    – Reduced pile fiber crush; minimal wear and tear prolongs appearance retention

  • Superior sound absorption prevents noise disturbance to occupants.

  • Thermal Insulator reduces energy cost by over 20% within the installed facility.

  • Treated with Sanitized Anti-Microbial hygiene protection against all harmful bacteria

    – Improves Indoor Air Quality & expedites wet cleaning cycles

  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    – Moisture-Proof Barrier mean Spillages remain within the Pile surface

    – Prevents harmful chemicals and body fluids penetrating the floor-covering

    – Scotch-guard Stain resistant

  • 10-Year Limited Wear Warranty


ØFlowSoft® Backing

  • Post-Consumer recycled PET bottle ‘EcoSoft®’ layer, prevents billions of waste plastic bottles entering to Landfill or Ocean pollution.

  • Integral 100% thermoplastic ZeroFlow® layer provides impervious barrier to moisture penetration.

  • No harmful PVC, Bitumen or Fiberglass achieving low VOC’s for superior OHS.

  • Superior Dimensional stability



Sanitized® Antimicrobial technology provides ØFlowSoft® with long-lasting protection against the colonization of microbial aggressors like bacteria, mold and mildew that cause material degradation, stains and unpleasant odours.

For specific information on Sanitized® Anti-Viral properties please contact Carpets Inter.

  • Supplied as 2.00m-wide easy to handle roll modules, reducing an average installation schedule by over 50%, thus achieving minimal disruption to occupied spaces.

  • May be applied onto unburnished floor, eliminating expensive floor preparation.

  • ØFlowSoft® is installed onto quick-release adhesive, such upon completion of the warranted lifespan it may be uplifted with minimum affect to the substrate, avoiding prolonged and expensive repairs often necessary after uplifting hard and/or resilient flooring.

  • Seams are welded with Anti-microbial seam-sealant preventing moisture penetration into the substate.

  • Spare maintenance stock may be stored upright with minimal space/cost and inconvenience to facility operations.


  • Environmentally Friendly – 100% Recyclable at your local recycling center

Available in three Collections aligned to suit the interior ambiance for Senior Living, Education and Wellbeing environments.

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