Carpets International Thailand Public Company Limited is the largest manufacturer and distributor of comprehensive range of carpets manufactured from various types of natural & synthetic yarns and fibers in Thailand, with fully integrated facilities.

We are committed to produce and supply quality products and services based on ethical Codes of Conducts and Standards on Occupational Health & Safety, Environment Protection, with Responsible Care to the society (including employees, community, and general public). Our commitments covering Framework, Policies, and Guidelines for our business operations, are as follows:

Comply with Legal, Industry, or other relevant standard requirements governing our operations.


Strive to manufacture quality products and deliver on-time according to the customers' expectations with Responsible Care in preventing harms and health hazards to our workforce and all relevant parties. We shall control all types of losses and detrimental effects, which may result from our operations to acceptable minimum levels. We are committed to effective and efficient use of all resources and energy, Pollution Prevention, and International Labour Rights Protection.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our Commitment and Policy

Objectives and Targets

Certifications and Standards Compliance