Colour is everywhere. An integral part of our everyday lives, color inspires and captivates. It enables creativity and facilitates self-expression. It takes simple and makes it more appealing. 

Breathe new life into your interior with the Colour Tone Collection, a vibrant collection from Carpets Inter. The striking colours featured in this collection have been carefully selected to invigorate your existing flooring tile.  It is bold, cheerful and inspiring.  

If you prefer a more quiet approach to colour on the floor we offer Colour Duet, a subtle combination of two colours, designed to provide a nuanced backdrop for any interior landscape.

Colour Tone and Colour Duet can be used together and also as coordinates and/or accents with many other CI products as part of our Mix and Match program.


As shown here Color Tone and Color Duet provide the creative potential to transform the mood of any interior environment.


CD03 with Checkerboard installation.

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